Monday, January 2, 2012

Portable Ops at Mr. Grumpy's Ranch

We had a good portable operations gathering at Mr. Grumpy's Crooked Fence Ranch near SouthPort, FL Monday January 2nd. The portable ops included testing Ron Downs new MFJ 6 band vertical antenna which worked on first try. Addison Marvin helped Dave Clark test out his new Yaesu 857 rig on a portable 20 meter dipole. Jim Mc Quagge checked out some QRP radios on a portable antenna. Greg Lane's new Solar panel was demonstrated for battery charging. Greg also did some QRP pedestrian mobile ops. There were a number of club members that joined in. Of course the horses were very curious about our goings on. See the pictures. A big thanks to Don Cornelius AKA Mr. Grumpy who was our host.