Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Ham Radio On-Line Vendors

A list for your shopping convenience. This was the topic of the Nov 20, 2023, Beginner's Academy Zoom Meeting.


Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Panama City ARC Members Participate in the RaDAR Rally

 The following Panama ARC members participated in the Nov 4th, 2023 RaDAR Rally

  • Scott W7DIA at Lynn Haven Bayou Reserve Park
  • Chris VA3ECO at Lake of the Woods, Ontario
  • Bob KK4DIV at Pine Log State Forrest
  • Greg N4KGL at St Andrew's State Park

The goal was to make five contacts, move one kilometer by foot or canoe, redeploy, and repeat for four hours. All enjoyed the challenge and had fun. Find out more about the RaDAR Rally at www.radarrally.com. Here are some photos and videos.

Chris VA3ECO operates RaDAR from his canoe on the Lake of the Woods, Ontario.