Monday, May 22, 2017

Amateur Radio for 5th Graders

Bob KK4DIV got an invite from his neighbor to give a talk and demo of amateur radio for 5th graders at North Bay Haven K-5 in Panama City, Florida. These students were not going to Space Camp with their classmates. Some tie in with Space was a goal. Bob assisted by Jack N1HQ gave a talk about ham radio and played these videos inside. The students then went outside where Greg N4KGL had demos on Morse Code, energy, and HF communications. Bob and Jack assisted the students with a Fox hunt in the field behind the school. The students were sponges for this material and were very engaged. The hams enjoyed doing it also.

Jack helping students Fox Hunt

Energy Demo

HF Radio Demo

Morse Code Demo

Friday, May 12, 2017

Panama City ARC Hosts ARRL Field Day June 24/25

The Panama City Amateur Radio Club will participate in ARRL Field Day on June 24/25 2017 at the Bay County Emergency Operations Center 700 Highway 2300 Southport, FL. We will be having fun contacting as many Hams as possible operating with similar setups around the United States. However, this will also demonstrate a capability to support emergency communications should normal systems be unavailable. The operating hours are 1 PM Saturday to 1 PM Sunday. A good time for visitors is between 2PM and 6PM Saturday but you can come at anytime. We will have various radios and antennas to operate voice, digital and Morse code. The general public is welcome and youth groups are encouraged to attend.