Monday, December 19, 2011

December 2011 Technician Class and Testing

The December 10th/17th Technician Class at the Panama City ARC Clubhouse went well. We wrapped up with a testing session on the 17th. Congratulation to the following:

New Licenses:

Felix Blair (Technician)
Stephen Corbitt (Technician)*
Tom Cothern (Technician)*
Thomas Gilmore (Technician)*
Ruth Jurgonski (Technician)*
Roger Lemire (Technician)
Christopher Oswald (General)*


Joseph Bayba (Extra) KC2OI
Robert Jurgonski (General) KK4CVU

The * indicates students in our class. Sam Oswald our youngest student yet will be passing the tech test soon. Thanks for Gary Bills heading up the testing and team of volunteer examiners including Addison Marvin "Marv", Jack Crusan, Rick Gutknecht and John Latham. Thanks to Charlie Wooten for loaning us the projector.

Tom Cothern, Roger Lamire, Ruth Jurgonski, Tom Gilmore,  Chris Oswald,  Sam Oswald, Steve Corbitt

Bob Jurgonski, Tony Blair, Don Cornelius

Instructors: Greg Lane, Jack Crusan, Gary Bills