Ham License Exams and Classes

Amateur Radio Exams at Panama City ARC.

The Panama City Amateur Radio Club is re-starting license testing in September. Due to the COVID situation, testing will be by appointment only and we will be following a COVID-aware protocol. If you would like to test, please email Gary at aj4ky@arrl.net for the testing schedule. Reservations will be first come, first served. 

Those wishing to take an exam should be present by 6:00 PM CT to complete the necessary paperwork. Bring a photo ID and $14 exam fee. Other days and times can be arranged if you cannot take an exam on the third Wednesday. For more information about testing, contact Gary Bills at aj4ky@arrl.net

Volunteer Examiner (VE) assistance will be greatly appreciated. 

Amateur Radio Classes at Panama City ARC Clubhouse

Panama City ARC conducts Amateur Radio Technician classes and General classes based on the need. We use the current version of the books Technician Class by Gordon West or General Class by Gordon West to teach the class. You can also study on your own and then take the exam. It is a good idea to use online tests like HamExam.org to practice and know when you are ready. For more information about classes, contact Gary Bills at aj4ky@arrl.net