Monday, April 18, 2016

Panama City ARC 2016 Tailgate was a Fun Event

The Panama City ARC Tailgate was held on April 16 2016. The weather was comfortable. Don KK4DWC headed up the event and sold raffle tickets. Phil N4STC won the FT-1DR Fusion HT. There was equipment for sale in and out of the club house. Sandy KE2F server the BBQ. A Fox Hunt was held on the site and Jack N1HQ found both foxes. There were about five hunters. There were serveral portable setups outside including Jim K4LIX, Cory N4UVR, Bob KK4DIV and Greg N4KGL All the setups had magnetic loop antennas. Jim had a particularly large one. Testing was provided by Gary AJ4KY at the end of the event.