Monday, February 13, 2012

Bounty Hunter Contest

The Panama City Amateur Radio Club is sponsoring a BountyHunter Contest. It is open to all licensed hams. The goal to encourage local activity and to allow new hams to get familiar with operating practices.

The bounty hunter will make a two way 2 meter or 70 cm FM QSO with any ham and ask them for the year they were first licensed. If the ham is unsure of the year first licensed, the ham can provide a best guess and be consistent thereafter. For each ham worked the hunter will claim a bounty in dollars equal to the year the ham was first licensed. The bounty can be claimed once per band via simplex and once per band via repeater. Echolink QSOs will count as repeater but one end of the QSO must be on RF.  The hunterwill log:
Call worked, Year first licensed, Band, Simplex or Repeater.

QSOs can be at random or scheduled. The hunter can take advantage of the Panama City 2 Meter Net to schedule QSOs. QSOs for credit must occur prior to or after the close of the the Panama City ARC 2 meter net. When the hunter accumulates the first $20,000 send the log to You will be issued a certificate. You can keep sending in logs for $20,000 endorsements.  All hunters will get one chance per $20,000 of bounty in a drawing at the April 14th 2012 Panama City ARC Tailgate. The prize is a $50 gift certificate for ham radio supplies. You do not have to be present to win.

Start: Feb 13 2012 at the close of the Panama City ARC 2 Meter Net.

End: April 9 2012 at the start of the Panama City ARC 2 Meter Net.

The Panama City ARC 2 Meter Net meets Mondays 7 PM 145.210 minus offset no tone.

Send any questions you may have to Greg N4KGL