Saturday, January 28, 2012

St Andrews State Park Portable Ops

The St Andrews State Park was a beautiful venue for portable ops. There was a chilly wind but staying in the sun helped. Our setup was on picnic tables under a roof. We were constrained with antennas a bit because we could not venture out on the dunes per the rules. Mike Rutherford KJ4QVR joined us. He worked Ireland on 10 meters from his mobile. Marv KK4DKT made some contacts between 20 and 10 meters. Greg N4KGL did some 40 and 20 meter QRP CW contacts. He also ventured on the pier with his pedestrian mobile QRP rig. He worked PA and Toronto while on the pier. We had a troop of scouts come by and they asked lots of question. In addition we had Marv's wife Melissa, the Dunkins Bob WB4BLX and Linda KG4TJL, the Johnsons and Vic K4GXV and Sally KD4UUN. We also had a Ian a Canadian Ham visitor. Enjoy the photos.