Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 17th 2015 Portable Ops and Fox Hunt

Don "Mr Grumpy"  KK4DWC was a wonderful host for the January 17th 2015 Portable Ops and Fox Hunt at the Crooked Fence Ranch. There were three portable setups Bob KK4DIV, Marv KK4DKT and Greg N4KGL. The fox or rabbit hunt started a bit early. Jack N1HQ, Phil N4STC, Cory N4UVR, Bob KK4DIV and Greg N4KGL participated.  Jack N1HQ got two of three rabbits and Phil N4STC got the third. The following video by Bob KK4DIV sums up the day.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fox Hunt planned on Jan 17th at Mr. Grumpy's Crooked Fence Ranch

This will be an on foot affair rather than on vehicles. Three foxes will be on 146.580.  Each fox will have a distinctive tone pattern. They will identify in code as W4RYZ/1, W4RYX/2 and W4RYZ/3.  The foxes will transmit in different time slots we hope but the cycle time is the same for all. Teams are allowed but only one person can hold the hunt equipment at a time. Gather in front of the trailer with your gear at 1 PM for final instructions and to register your team. The hunt will start at 1:10 and will end when all foxes are found or noon whichever comes first. Spectators are allowed but cannot aid in hunting. Please be aware of horses and electric fences on the site. GOOD LUCK. All are welcome to come out and may bring a portable radio set up if they like.

The ranch is home of Don Cornelius KK4DWC and is located just North of Southport, Florida on Hwy 388 East. You head north on Hwy 77 and turn right on Hwy 388 just 7 miles north of the Baily Bridge in Lynn Haven. We are about 1.2 miles down on the left. Look for the sign. Click here for a map.  There are horses on the ranch and if you are interested in horses contact Don's Son Gene Corneilus at Lazy-C-Ranch

There many options for fox hunting. The minimum equipment is a 2 meter HT or scanner. Directional antennas and attenuators can be home-brewed or purchased. Your committee is Greg N4KGL, Don KK4DWC, Phil KK4DWI and Bob KK4DIV.Transmitter hunting (also known as T-hunting, fox hunting, bunny hunting, and bunny chasing), is an activity wherein participants use radio direction finding techniques to locate one or more radio transmitters hidden within a designated search area. This activity is most popular among amateur radio enthusiasts, and one organized sport variation is known as amateur radio direction finding.