Bay County Repeaters:

Call Freq Offset Tone Mode Sponsor Note Status
W4RYZ 145.210  Minus  100 FM/Fusion  PCARC 100 Hz tone also on the output  On
W4RYZ 146.940  Minus  100 FM/Fusion  PCARC 100 Hz tone also on the output  On
W4RYZ 147.210  Plus  N/A DMR  PCARC See notes below  On
AC4QB 145.330  Minus  100 FM  AC4QB  On
KB9PTP 443.025  +5  103.5 FM  KB9PTP  On
AC4QB 53.050  Minus  None FM  AC4QB  On
linked 444.175 +5 100 FM  SARNET  State-wide  On

Bay County Simplex: 146.565 FM

Wires X:

Node 83490 / 443.025 PL 103.5 Simplex "Analog" 50 watts managed by Jamey KB9PTP


Echolink is now available on the 145.210 W4RYZ Repeater. This will allow stations out of the repeater coverage area to talk on the repeater via the internet. The node name is N4KGL-R. 

An amateur radio license is required to use Echolink. Please download, install, and run the EchoLink software first. This registers your call with the system. Then, return to the Validation page to proceed with your callsign validation.

To use your smartphone, download the Echolink App from the App Store on your phone. 

To use a computer download the Echolink software from

Select Node N4KGL-R

The node link is located at my QTH.


Greg N4KGL


The Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) operates in the Bay County Area on 144.390 FM. See this map for reports.  There is information on APRS at and this site.

The Statewide Amateur Radio Network (SARnet) is a network of linked UHF voice repeaters that serves the State of Florida. The repeaters are operated by their local trustees and the network that connects them together does not interfere with the local use of the repeaters. These UHF repeaters were specifically chosen in part because the voice traffic on them is light. This helps ensure that long conversations and rag-chews are rare on SARnet since any SARnet traffic brings up ALL of the repeaters on the network. See for more info.


 W4RYZ DMR Repeater

147.210 MHz +600 offset
Color Code: 1
Connected to TGIF DMR network

Timeslot(TS) 1: For linked talk groups. 

Timeslot (TS) 2: TG9 local-only traffic (TG 9 is not passed to the network)

Please keep all networked traffic on TS1 so we can keep TS2 for local traffic (TG9) for those who do not want to talk on the linked network.

On Timeslot 1, check out TG850 for our local group. We have a net Mondays at 7:30pm central time on TG850, feel free to join us.
Another popular talk group is TG31665, the TGIF talk group. The Friday net is on TG31665 at 7:30 pm central time.  

Bob Plank 

Packet Radio:

Packet Radio has started up again here in Bay County, Florida. Bob KK4DIV has a Bulletin Board System BBS at his home in Lynn Haven. The frequency is 145.050 on 2 Meter FM.  Connect to KK4DIV-1 for the BBS. Also, check out the chat server at KK4DIV-2. An introduction to Packet Radio is here.


The DStar repeater is up and running on the IHeart radio tower, thanks to Charlie NF4A for the use of this location.

The KK4TAD Repeater is operational for local use but is not hooked to the internet now.

146.8800  KK4TAD C node

DSTAR Users use your call in "mycall" and "KK4TAD C" in rpt1/rpt2 for 146.880.