Founded in the 1950s, the Panama City Amateur Radio Club is a warm, relaxing haven for Bay County amateur radio operators to meet, chat, and eyeball folk they talk to on simplex and local repeaters during the week.

When it is all said and done, the hams of the PCARC and Bay County are a great bunch of people. They are willing to help others in any way they can, especially other hams with radio and computer-related problems and questions. The PCARC was very proud when their repeater stayed up and running after Hurricane Opal struck in 1995 and Hurricane Michael in 2018, providing much-needed emergency communications during this time of need. Many of the members were first to lend a hand for shelters in the area during the disaster, and pitched in after the disaster, during the cleanup process.

Whether you plan to be in Panama City on vacation, you're a local, or you would like to get your Amateur Radio License, the members of the PCARC would very much enjoy a visit from you.