Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 2011 PCARC Technician Class and Tests

Congratulations to the ten students who passed their technician class tests on June 11th. They were Diane Tuzinkiewiez, Don Byran, Joby Smith, Robert Jurgonski, Kevin Dutton, Don "Luke" Odom, Brandon Churukian, Jose Cuadra, Tony Tripp, and Sonny Frazier. Pat Baumann and Rob Fortner were not able to attend the full class and I hope will take their tests soon. 

Special thanks to my fellow instructors Gary Bills and Greg Morrison. Also thanks to Gerald Quick and the testers including Charlie Hickman, Russ Hill, Kenn Handschuh, Gary Bills and Dale Everly. And thanks to Joby Smith for hosting us at the Bay County EOC.

Also congrats to the license upgrades including Allan Williams, Joseph Smith, George Tyson, and Jason Charles.


Greg Lane N4KGL
Panama City ARC President