Monday, April 27, 2020

Announcement: Two-Meter FM Spelling Bee for May 2020

Objective: The objective of the spelling bee event is to increase two-meter FM activity and to have fun.

Goal: The goal is to spell all the words in the list below using letters from the call sign of contacts you make on two-meter FM. The letters from callsigns can be reused on multiple words.


QRP Labs

Eligibility: Eligible participants include PCARC club members where ever they live or any Bay County ham. N4KGL will not participate as he is the administrator of the event. However, if you work N4KGL you can use his callsign.

Winners: The first five hams to spell all the words are winners. If less than five hams spell all the words by the last day in May, entries with the most words spelled will be winners to complete the five winners. The letters of a callsign worked can be re-used on multiple words. 

Winner #1 Rick NZ2I

Exchange: The QSO exchange must include callsign and birth month.

Valid Contacts: Contacts must be on two meters FM on a repeater or simplex. Scheduled net or roundtable contacts do not count. However, contacts that are made after the close of a scheduled net or round table do count. Club calls do not count.

Entry Submission: Please email the 1.) list of stations with their birth month you worked to spell the words, 2.) The words spelled to If all words are spelled submit the list ASAP. A partial list of words spelled will be accepted between June 1st and June 5th at midnight The earliest email date will be given priority over later entries for a tie.

Prizes: The winners will get their choice from a limited pool of inexpensive prizes. The winners get their choice in the order they submit a winning entry to The prize list will be announced on April 30th. The prizes for the May Spelling Bee will be delivered in June. If there are hams that would like to donate a prize, identify the prize to me via email before the first winner is confirmed.

May Spelling Bee Prize List

Code Practice Oscillator 1 Each 5 Available Greg N4KGL
12 Watt Dummy Load Prize 1 Each 1 Available Greg N4KGL
Barrel Connector Adapter 2 Each 1 Available Greg N4KGL
Anderson Power Poles 30 amp 5 Each 2 Available Greg N4KGL
Egg Insulators 5 Each 2 Available Greg N4KGL
Ham Radio Bumper Sticker 2 Each 2 Available Greg N4KGL
QRP Sticker 1 Each 1 Available Greg N4KGL
Power Pole Polarity Indicator/Corrector 1 Each 1 Available Greg N4KGL
SMA Female to UHF Male 1 each 2 Available Greg N4KGL
SMA Male SO239 Female 1 Each 2 Available Greg N4KGL
Hints & Kinks Book New 1 Each 1 Available Jack Crusan N1HQ
Custom-cut vinyl call sign stickers 1 each 2 Available Austin Williams KN4WVR
Homemade Bell Rope 1 each 1 available Jim KW4UT
HP Pavilion Desktop Computer with Linux Mint and ham software installed. John Sanderson
Electronics Demystified book by Stan Gibilisco Greg N4KGL 1 each 1 available
Beaglebone Black Single Board Computer 1 Each 1 Available  John Sanderson

Photos of Prizes:

Hints & Kinks Book New

two custom-cut vinyl call sign stickers (winner choice of color)
  for windows or anything else, you want to stick them on.
Homemade Bell Rope
HP Pavilion Computer with Linux and ham software installed

Model Number of the above computer.

Electronics Demystified book by Stan Gibilisco
Beaglebone Black Single Board Computer

Good luck,

Greg N4KGL