Sunday, October 1, 2017

Panama City ARC Team Successfully Qualifies St. Vincent Island

A team from Panama City ARC successfully qualified St Vincent Island, Florida for the US Islands Award Program. The island is now USI FL006. The team members included Jim K4LIX, Bob WB8PAF, Bob  KK4DIV, Phil N4STC, Greg KG4LFS, Dennis WA6QKN and Greg N4KGL. The qualification required 25 contacts. However, he team made 128 contacts in just over two hours. Our time was limited to four hours on the island and two hours operating time. The contacts also count for Parks On The Air as KFF-0257. St. Vincent is only accessible by boat. The team used the St. Vincent Island Shuttle to get to the island. The team is eager to do more expeditions.

The following photos capture some of the fun. Also, Bob KK4DIV did an outstanding job on the video!

Left to Right: Phil N4STC, Bob WB8PAF, Dennis Wa6QKN, Bob KK4DIV, Greg KG4LFS and Greg N4KGL

Boarding the St Vincent Island Shuttle

Captain Joey at the helm.


The 100 watt station

The 100 ft loop antenna

Bob KK4DIV's station

Jim K4LIX station
Greg KG4LFS sports his Friends of St. Vincent shirt

Dennis WA6QKN logs contacts

Bob WB8PAF operate 20 meter SSB

The post-event gathering at Indian Pass Trading Company
Enjoy more photos here.