Monday, November 9, 2015

The KK4IQW D-Star Hot Spot is Elevated and Operational

The 144.905 MHz KK4IQW HOT SPOT is back on the air at a new location. It is still in Panama City but the antenna is now at 160 feet. It is available to everyone with D-Star capability and allows you to connect to reflectors and repeaters via the internet. This is not a repeater! It is simplex so you will only hear one side of a conversation from the hotspot (if the local ham is close you may hear him
direct and thereby hear the entire qso).

Remember we have D-Star repeaters on 2m and 440 so use them for conversations with local hams until we get them connected to the internet (soon, I hope).

To talk on the hot spot your radio should have “CQCQCQ” in the UR field, “KK4IQW C” in RPT1, and “KK4IQW G” in RPT2. The hot spot also supports the Status and Echo commands (status requires “I” and Echo requires “E” in the 8th position of the UR field).

I will conduct the North Florida D-Star ARES Net at 0800 on Wednesday using the
Hot Spot linked to reflector REF046C. There is also a D-Star training net on REF046C Thursday nights at 2000 and you can check in to that net using the hot spot.

Remember the Hot Spot is simplex. You will not hear another local station unless you can hear them direct.

Please use it and enjoy. If you have any questions/comments or need help with programming your D-Star radio, please contact me.
Victor B. Johnson, Jr., K4GXV