Sunday, January 27, 2013

Panama City ARC Transmitter Hunting

The Panama City ARC Transmitter Hunt Committee is seeking to know how many area hams or prospective hams have an interest in learning more about transmitter hunting and possibly participating in transmitter hunts during the course of the year. Some information is provided below. The minimum equipment is a 2 meter HT or scanner. Directional antennas and attenuators can be home-brewed or purchased. If there is enough interest we can have a group build of tape measure yagi antennas. We also can have training, practice hunts and a competitive event in April. So to measure the level of interest please reply to Greg N4KGL at The committee will report back to the club at the February business meeting on how many are interested. Your committee is Greg N4KGL, Don KK4DWC, Phil KK4DWI and Bob KK4DIV.

Transmitter hunting (also known as T-hunting, fox hunting, bunny hunting, and bunny chasing), is an activity wherein participants use radio direction finding techniques to locate one or more radio transmitters hidden within a designated search area. This activity is most popular among amateur radio enthusiasts, and one organized sport variation is known as amateur radio direction finding.