Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grumpy's Ranch and KK4DWC Antenna Farm

I had the opportunity to visit Grumpy's Crooked Fence Ranch and the KK4DWC Antenna Farm the Friday after Thanksgiving. The proprietor is Don Cornelius (Not the one from Soul Train). Don and his sons live North of Southport on 388 East. The highlight of the farm is the horses and each one has their own story which Don will fill you in on. Don's Son Gene has the ajoining Lazy C Ranch. Gene offers pony parties, riding lessons and more. See

Don KK4DWC is getting setup on the HF bands and has a nice tower up which is just the beginning of his antenna farm. The tower has a G5RV now hanging from it and may get a yagi soon. Don is one of the of the new hams at the Panama City Amateur Radio Club. He has received elmering from Henry N4HHM and Steve AC4QB. Of course we appreciate Don running for Club Treasurer. He is unopposed. So give him your support next year. By the way Don has invited the club out to the ranch to do portable ops.

Greg N4KGL