Thursday, January 20, 2011

Charles Huffman passes his General Test

Charles Huffman passed his Technician and General Test at the clubhouse on January 19th. Congratulations Charles! Charles will be joining the club in February.

Here is some additional info about Charles and his company SVS Lifts on Jenks Ave in Panama City.

In 1988, Charles Huffman, an audio video technician with more than 25 years of video and electronic experience, invented a ceiling-to-floor scissor lift in his home garage. The lift invention arose from his experience with the difficulty, expense and safety issues surrounding the access and servicing of ceiling mounted video projectors. Mr. Huffman's extensive experience as a video technician and his thorough understanding of the precise and sensitive nature of video projector applications ensured that functionality, safety and quality were always in the forefront of any lift design.
In 1989, Mr. Huffman, along with members of his immediate family, incorporated SVS and filed for a patent on his first lift design. SVS was moved to a full manufacturing facility in 1991. Mr. Huffman received his first patent for the video projector lift in 1993, a second patent in 1994 and a third patent in 2003. SVS Lifts continues to maintain exclusive rights for use of the patents in the manufacturing of our lifts.