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The Panama City Amateur Radio Club (a.k.a. PCARC) is, in no way making any expressed or implied warranties as to the condition of equipment bought, sold, or swapped on this website. This website is strictly for purposes of community, fellowship, amateur radio, and no others. Any transaction as a result of posting on this website is entirely the responsibility of the buyer and seller. This list is limited to amateur radio equipment and related items, no firearms, ammo, or musical instruments, please. Items for sale may only be submitted by licensed amateur radio operators. Estate items must have an amateur radio license holder as a sponsor. 

This is a moderated list. You cannot submit postings directly to the list. You must send the info via the club email or use the contact form on this website. Include all pertinent information such as: 

Buy, Sell or Trade, Description, Serial Number, Condition, Price, Your Contact Email, Phone, etc., A picture of the item is suggested. Wanted Items include similar info. Contact details for sellers and buyers won't be posted on the web page. The seller will be forwarded emails from interested buyers. 

If you are interested in an item, email to the club email or use the contact form on this website. Please include your callsign, the unique item number, and preferred contact info.  Items will be removed from the list after 30 days.